Join The River District Association

Being a member of The River District Association allows you to be a part of a collective voice affecting not only your business but the growth and vitality of your business area. We can assist in the integration of you and your business to your surrounding business members. You will be eligible for member discounts from fellow participating members and $50.00 off your annual Greater Cayce West Columbia Chamber Membership fees. Through joint charitable events and efforts, you and your business will receive increased positive visibility, while being involved in community business area improvement. We look forward in joining with you in our efforts to make The River District area the new place to be.

Why Should Your Business Be A Member?

As a member of the River District Association you gain a local community here to help you and your business with:

Political Advocacy
Our goal is to protect the interests of and speak for independent businesses. As a member, you gain a voice in our political advocacy process In addition, you will receive valuable state and local political information throughout the year.

Member Support
Who better to go to for business advice than other independent business owners? Join other members who share your concerns regarding independent business. RDA members have a wealth of information and resources to share.

Networking Opportunities
The most dynamic group of business people in Cayce / West Columbia is available for networking at events throughout the year—providing you with potential new business opportunities. RDA hosts monthly business meetings, periodic socials, and much more!

Continuing Education
Throughout the year, we keep you informed and educated by offering seminars in various business related topics.

Active Committees
Our association is governed by a board of directors, and association members are encouraged to participate and share ideas that impact RDA members and independent business in general.

River District Association Directory
RDA members receive a free online listing for their business, with their name, business name, and business phone number. You can even upload your photo if you like. Additional options available.

Digital Marketing
RDA member businesses will receive social media attention and engagement and a listing on the district website with a qualified back link.

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