The River District Association

The River District  Association is a non-profit organization whose purpose is the formation, growth and viability of small and independently owned businesses in the Cayce / West Columbia area, and more specifically:

  • To encourage the beautification, historic preservation, and development of the member businesses and properties.
  • To work to improve the business climate and foster business opportunities for independent businesses.
  • To provide benefits, services, and education to aid in the operation and profitability of its members.
  • To promote harmony, good fellowship, and a closer relationship among members and all area business and property owners.
  • To urge members and surrounding residents to support local business whenever possible.
  • To promote entrepreneurship as a prosperous opportunity for the area.
  • To encourage and support a high standard of ethics in every business and profession.
  • To promote such municipal, state, and federal legislation or regulations that will preserve fair competition and encourage local enterprise and individual initiative.
  • To promote and protect independent business and the belief that businesses, substantially owned, managed and controlled by citizens of the community, will bring about a more prosperous community for all citizen

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